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You will not have a “User ID” until after you have logged in for the first time; leave the box blank when logging on for the first time.  Once you complete an assessment, contact us for an appointment to review the results with you and provide recommendations.  Office Phone: 920-560-4525

“What is assessment?”

Assessment is the process of documenting, usually in measurable terms, some aspect about a person: knowledge, skills, weaknesses and strengths, attitudes or beliefs. An assessment can also reveal the presence of Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Alcoholism; it does this by looking at the presence of symptoms associated with these problem areas.

“How is assessment different than a test?”

A test looks at what someone knows or has been taught; there are right answers and wrong answers. The score on a test depends on how many right answers the person knows; it can be passed, flunked or anything in between. Assessments don’t have right answers or wrong answers and they can’t be passed or failed; they reveal not what you know but what you prefer and how you feel.

For both our coaching and counseling clients, we offer assessments that provide information which can help you in: selecting a career, identifying your values and areas of strength, developing your management and leadership abilities and clarifying how you see others and how they see you. We also offer screening assessments for depression and possible alcoholism.  In order to decide which assessments would best meet your needs (and in what order to complete them), please speak with one of our team members first.

If your employer is requesting the assessments

In order to assist you with “On Boarding” or “Emerging Leader Enrichment”, your reports will, naturally, be shared with them; however, you will know beforehand what will be shared.  The reports are in great detail and many of them are 15 pages or more; receiving and discussing more than two assessments in a single session is guaranteed to put your mind in system over-load.  We will, therefore, have you complete an assessment or two, pay for the reports, and discuss them with you in person, later you can complete a couple more assessments, and so on.

Receiving the reports from your assessments 

You will pay for the reports of your completed assessments during your office visit to discuss your results.  We will discuss the reports with you individually and make suggestions about how you can effectively utilize the information generated by your personal reports.  We can e-mail a copy of your reports to you at your request after we have discussed the report with you.

Neuropsychiatric Testing and Psychological Testing

Neuropsychiatric and psychological testing is now available at GJB Health Services. Dr. Bannasch interprets all testing done at GJB Health Services. Neuropsychiatric testing is useful when strokes, seizures, or head injuries have occurred. Test results yield valuable data which helps clients to understand how their brains process information and facilitates the circumvention of any areas of relative weakness. Psychological testing can be helpful for clients who are involved in legal battles or for treatment planning purposes