How We Work

At GJB Health Services, we recognize that every client is an individual with unique needs and everyone needs different kinds of help; that’s why we offer individual, couple, family and group therapy options.  Our diverse and experienced team is able to offer a multitude of services under one roof.  When our clients need medication management and therapy, they can often do both with one visit; on the other hand, if you already have a psychiatrist and just want therapy that is just fine, too.  Our team also has flexible schedules and can accommodate evening and weekend appointments.

GJB Health Services is a strong supporter of all 12 Step groups including Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon. We do recognize that there are other ways that people access recovery from alcohol and drugs; however, the 12 Step groups work best for most.  Ultimately, each client must make an informed decision about what path they wish to walk.

At GJB Health Services, clients are assisted in their recovery processes using individual, couple and group therapies. Clients and their therapist work as a team using a variety of treatment methods.  Time spent in treatment varies; some clients are able to reach their treatment goals in 8-10 sessions while others continue therapy for longer periods of time.